CAT Silencer

In order to ensure providing high quality products, HMH Trading Est. designed CAT silencer one of the best professional silencers types

CAT  Specifications:

The CAT Silencer is designed to get the maximum noise level reduction and a perfect engine cooling. The air-cooling flow is channeled in fixed circuits that are suitable in tropical and desert environments.

• Unit body is made Carbon Steel Cold Rolled Sheet Metal with structure beam where necessary. All the material is treated with corrosion resistant and enhanced by a phosphate chemical conversion coating which provides an excellent corrosion resistant surface. The metal components are then painted by applying a polyurethane primer and semi gloss polyurethane paint which is subjected to high temperatures and form a continuous and extremely durable coating.

• High density sound proofing rigid boards fiber of density and thickness required to reduce external sound pressure to the level required.
• The exhaust gas silencer residential type is internally mounted.

• Service doors at two sides, with removable inlet and outlet attenuators for easy service.

• Opening passages for oil drain and cables are located according to the required position of installation. Inlet and return of fuel pipes are connected and labeled on the outside canopy body.

• Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door.

• Emergency stop button mounted on canopy exterior.

• Radiator fills access through cover in canopy.

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