V series environmental consciousness Genset of its exhaust emission comply with EURO Ⅱ or EURO Ⅲ & EPA standards. It is powered by Volvo Penta electronic fuel injection diesel engine that is made by the global-famous Swedish Volvo Penta.

VOLVO brand is established in 1927. For a long time, its strong brand is associated with its three core values: quality, safety and care for the environment.

The VOLVO diesel generators group subordinate’s company VOLVO PENTA is absorbed in the production of industrial diesel engines, industrial vehicles and marine diesel engine products. It keeps ahead in the field of six-cylinder engine and electronic fuel injection technique etc….

Main features:

•    Multi-cylinder-line or vee engines, direct injection
•    Turbocharged, water cooled, cooling fan
•    24V DC starter, mechanical or electronic governor
•    Low fuel consumption and low discharge
•    High efficiency
•    Maintaining easily and low maintenance expenses

General Features:

•    Heavy-duty industrial diesel engine
•    Brushless synchronous alternators: four-poleconstruction, dynamically balanced
•    Prototype tested and production tested
•    Gen-set accepts rated load in one step
•    8-hour base mounted fuel tank
•    Operation & Maintenance manual for the gensets
•    Special Integrated Steel Base tank and sprayed overall in gloss enamel paint
•    Optional weather-proof and sound attenuated enclosures available
•    Full range of accessories and options available
•    Battery Rack and batteries
•    Manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified facility
•    Backed by a worldwide network of parts and service center