HMH soundproof diesel Genset is a combination of a sound-attenuate canopy and an open type diesel Gensets. The soundproof canopy provides our Gensets with good sound-insulation and waterproof capacity.

Generally speaking, the interior of the soundproof canopy is usually glued with sound insulation materials. And the canopy is also designed with air inlets and outlets, thus enabling silent Gensets to aspirate air and dissipate heat, and the same can be applied to isolate rooms and containers.

HMH Trading Est. classified soundproofing products as follows:

1-    Soundproof super silent (60-65 dBA at 1m) and applies on all ranges.

2-    Sound/weatherproof Canopy (70-85dBA at 1m) and applies on all ranges.

3-    Room insulation (Achieving 60-65 dBA at 1m)

4-    Containerized Soundproof  (upon request for 100KVA generating sets & above)

All mentioned above soundproofs been designed by professional acoustic engineers based on many years experience, and All been tested prior to dispatch or delivery to ensure conformity with ISO standards & quality