Sound Weather Proof Sets

Sound /Weather Proofs are canopies specially designed and manufactured according to high production standards to fit for Gensets (diesel generators) tough weather conditions proofing and sound proofing. They also protect the generating set and increase its durability.

High Performance

1-   Base mounted fuel tank supports the silent generator running up to 8 hours,

2-   Internal high performance rubber damper and flexible materials reduce vibration.

3-   Multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantees the performance of the soundproof generator set.

4-   Large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reduces noise of the Genset

Construction features

1-   Unit body is made of 2 to 4 mm thickness Carbon Steel Cold Rolled Sheet Metal with structure bream where necessary. All the material is treated with corrosion resistant and enhanced by a phostate chemical conversion coating which provides an excellent corrosion resistant surface. The metal components are then painted by applying a epoxy polyester paint which is subjected to high temperatures and form a continuous, high gloss and extremely durable.

2-   The specially designed canopy allows the soundproof generator set to have access to all weather conditions, and also makes the Genset fireproof, waterproof and dustproof.

3-   Elegant appearance and reliable quality.

4-   Stainless steel locks and hinges.

5-   Inlet and Outlet attenuators at the Engine and alternator ends provide ample air flow to insure proper cooling with maximum 8 m/s air speed @ the total air flow quantity generated by the engine and alternator cooling fan. There is no need to remove side panels to provide additional circulation. For water cooled engines, flexible connection between the engine fan and the outlet attenuator will be installed to prevent hot radiator air from circulating.

6-   High density sound proofing rigid boards fiber of density and thickness required to reduce external sound pressure to the level required.

7-   This sound proofing housing permit outdoor installation of generators set, because of the quality construction, and the well stand up to the stress of heat, cold and humidity. Also to prevent tampering, the housing has lockable latches. All Canopy doors have 1 master key.

8-   Big base fuel tank in the frame guarantees sufficient diesel supply.

Maintenance Features.

1-   Service 180 degrees movable doors at each side, with removable inlet and outlet attenuators for easy maintenance and service.

2-   Opening passages for oil drain and cables are located according to the required position of installation. Inlet and return of fuel pipes are connected and labeled on the outside canopy body.

3-               Radiators fill access through cover in canopy.

Security & Safety

1-   Control panel viewing window is lockable access door (this applies on 70-85dB (A) modules).

2-   Emergency stop button mounted on the canopy exterior, so the operation safety for the soundproof generator is insured.

3-   Critical, low back pressure exhaust muffler (Max 1.4 “Hg @ full load).

4-   Fuel fill and battery can easy be accessed by a lockable door.

5-   The exhaust smoke system inside the canopy comes with heat insulation function.

6-   The soundproof generator set can be designed with special slots, which allows it to be transported by forklifts conveniently.