Maintenance Contract
HMH offers special Annual maintenance Contracts (AMC) to maximize operational availability for complete generator set care.
In this contract we offer you 12 visits in a year. During each visits our service engineer will provide following checkups/adjustment and engine load trial with available.
Check Ups during AMC
•    Quality and Quantity of Oil.
•    Fuel System Checking.
•    Replacement of damaged spares as actual.
•    Engine coolant.
•    Air cleaner elements and induction system for dust prevention.
•    Checking batteries/ charging and starting systems.
•    Proper functioning of gauges/electrical and electronic safety control devices.
•    Arresting the leakages in engine like lubricant oil, diesel and engine coolant.
•    Maintain all type of Generator sets as per companies’ recommendation.
•    Replacement of consumable parts like filters, oil and coolant in engine.
Seasonal Check Ups:
•    Replacement of all types of failed engine sealing/Gasket.
•    Endplays’ of crank shaft, turbo charger and other drives.
•    Setting of low and high speed of engine R.P.M.
•    Alignment between Engine crank shaft and alternator shaft.
•    Setting of electronic governor.
Following Jobs are excluded from the ACM:
•    Removal of crankshaft, cam shaft, cylinder liner, cylinder head , piston rings, piston, electric and electronics parts and supply of all types of spares.
•    Repowering and Rewinding cost as actual at the time of supply.