Spare Parts
HMH offer genuine spare parts for all models of diesel generator sets with the best possible price. There is a wide range of parts stock when needed for a replacement in case of a failure to ensure availability and operational continuity of the generator sets.
HMH Spare parts includes: Engine Parts (Heads, Valves, Muffler, Crank Shaft, Pistons, springs and more.), Fuel System Parts (Pumps, Hoses, Gaskets and Fuel Injectors…), Gaskets for Engine, Muffler and Fuel Systems including o-rings, Generator electrical components (control panel, wiring, regulators, switches, outlets and more), Filters (Fuel, oil, water ,air), Belts, Ignition coil, Diesel gauge & cap, Ignition controller, Diesel tank indicator, Low oil sensor, Fuel tank, Fuel pump, AVR, Charge regulator, Fuel injector, Battery, Turbochargers, Liners, Pistons, Joints & many other spare parts from different brands.